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Bundle - All 3 Challenges

Bundle - All 3 Challenges

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Are you interested in becoming an expert at reading and understanding ingredient labels for food, beauty products and household items? Want to make grocery visits and shopping online more simple and easy to select non-toxic products? These Challenges focus on the 3 most important areas of your life to go non-toxic and clean: the food you consume every day, the beauty products you put onto your skin, and your indoor household space that can actually be more toxic than the outdoor air.

By the end of this Challenge, you will learn how to read ingredient labels like an expert – making healthy grocery shopping easier, effortlessly choosing clean skincare and personal products, and reducing your home’s toxic load. You’ll find that a non-toxic and clean lifestyle brings so many benefits like improved digestion, clearer skin, reduced inflammation, stronger immunity, balanced hormones, increased energy… and so much more!

Get 3 Challenges in this ONE ultimate bundle, a roadmap to holistic wellness with expert guidance for a cleaner, safer, and healthier you, inside and out! This bundle is the perfect way to start or continue on your clean eating and non-toxic living journey.

These informative and self-paced Challenges allows you to learn at your own speed and on your own time.

Challenge Reviews:

“Jamie has empowered me to make informed choices that are best for my personal health journey. She has taught me that it is ok to make small changes and start at my own pace because they all add up and make a big difference.”

“GIRLS WHO EAT Challenges are a great way to gain more knowledge about non-toxic living. Since joining these Challenges, I have without a doubt become a more informed consumer, truly caring about what ingredients I put in my body and paying attention to how they make me feel. Leading a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle is a journey, and GIRLS WHO EAT is right by your side along the way.”

“These Challenges are wonderful for anyone looking to grow their knowledge on toxic ingredients and swap products in their household. She makes the information extremely digestible, which helps be able to make better informed decisions in the future.”

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I guess I didn’t read that these books were not being shipped, but I think they are online…i ordered them for my daughter for Mother’s Day and assumed she would have your books, as she is a big follower of your, as am I